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Yesterday morning, I got a letter from Banco de Oro. When I held the envelope, I felt there was something hard inside. I thought to myself, is this another credit card they were sending me? When I looked inside, I was right. But it was a BDO Virtual Card.
Banco de Oro Virtual Card is a credit card linked to your existing BDO Card but it is specifically used for online purchases, designed for internet transactions. It gives you an assurance that your regular credit card details are never compromised.

Your virtual card transactions will be reflected in the same billing but are posted under a different card number for easy tracking. It is free of charge as long as you maintain your BDO Credit Card in good standing.

Personally, I think that it is a good to have a separate card, a virtual credit card for your online purchases. It will provide an added security to your account and tracking is much easier which will help you monitor your expenses well.

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  • hello, I would like to know if I can have a virtual card even if I don't have a credit card. I would like to use my savings account or ATM card.
    by you about 4 years ago
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  • i dont think it is possible since the virtual card will be hooked with your main credit card.

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