Updation of Acekard 2i 1.41 Patch on Nintendo DS Lite

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Here we downloaded Acekard 2i 1.41 Updation patch from its official website acekard.com. Then shares out our updation process and answer to the question of how could I update Acekard 2i 1.41 Patch.
Step 1. Download from official website and get a compressed file ak2ifw_update_141.zip, decompress and get ak2ifw_update_141_DSi.nds and ak2ifw_update_141_DSL.nds Step 2. Copy ak2ifw_update_141_DSL.nds or ak2ifw_update_141_DSi.nds into the root directory of memory card, same root directory as Acekard 2i kernel. And we copied them two.Step 3. Power on NDS Lite with Acekard 2 and Memory card inserted, go and find these two updation patches
Step 4. Run ak2ifw_update_141_DSL.nds for this DS Lite console. It displays that Before update, please eject the card and insert it again. We take out the Acekard 2 out, press B button, and no response.Change into another Acekard 2, press B button, and no response again.Exchange into Acekard 2i, press B button, DSL works and enters into R4DSi Firmware Update 141
Note: It is for Acekard 2i cart updation, not Acekard 2 cart instead.Step 5. Press Start button and Updating to Complete Progress in 100%Step 6. Update another Acekard 2i cart or reboot DSi 1.41 Firmware Installation. Acekard 2i 1.41 Updation completes.Note: Updated Acekard 2i cart gets freezen loading screen on Nintendo DS Lite

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