Top 5 best Indian film songs ever

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Indian film songs: Music is always a great entertainment for all. Some may like pop music, some may like soft melody music but I think all love music regardless of culture, sex, nationality or whatever. Listening to music may be a good entertainment for some people. On the other hand some listen to good music to relax. Music can also heal certain diseases. Lata Mangeshkar, the greatest film song singer of India once could successfully make a chronic insomnia patient to sleep within a few minutes with her singing. That's the greatness of music.

Indian film songs: Indian film music has been contributing significantly to the music world for over 5 decades. Some film songs composed by great music directors of India are truly outstanding. These songs are liked by people of all ages all over the world. India has produced world's greatest music directors like S.D.Burman, R.D.Rurman, Lakshmikanth Pyarelal, Ilaya Raaja and Oscar winner A.R.Rehman.

My top 5 best Indian film songs of all time:

1. Enrendrum punnagai: This is a great song composed by Oscar winner A.R.Rehman for the film "Alai Payuthe" directed by India's top film director Mani Ratnam.
The music is truly fascinating. You can enjoy it right now.

2. Hamma Hamma: This is again a great music composition of legend music composer A.R.Rehman. This song was a big hit and was composed for another Mani ratnam's film "Bombay".

3. Ek do Teen: This song from the film "Tezaab" was a big box office hit. Maduri dixit one of India's finest and most graceful dancers is dancing for this all time hit song.

4. Aap Jaiso koi: This is mega hit film song from the film "Qurbani" 1980. Former Miss.India and actress Zeenat Aman is dancing for this song in the film.

5. Dum Maro dum: This is a mega hit song of R.D.Burman. I can't imagine such powerful music composed in 1971.It's just fabulous and mind blowing.

Conclusion: Music is loved by every one. India has produced great film music directors and they have contributed a lot to the music world. I hope you have enjoyed my top 5 best Indian film songs ever.

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