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What is TCash ? TCash is a mobile wallet service using mobile phones as a medium. Numbers in your phone becomes a replacement card for the transaction. Charging funds using pulse charging patterns. For transactions using such a pattern of transactions using debit cards or credit cards, in this case the user enter a PIN number to be able to transact.

What a Benefits ? TCash quite diverse service users. Telkomsel's existing customers both in urban and rural environments. Services to reach mobile wallet is also increasingly diverse. ''We are working closely with the insurance premiums for insurance,''.

In the near future, Telkomsel will cooperate with PT PLN. With the existence of such cooperation, SingTel customers can make bill payments using TCash PLN. One of the partners Indomaret Telkomsel, also continues to develop outlets that support this service. TCash activation can now be done via * 123 # service.For the charging of funds, other than through the outlet TCash, funds can be transferred through banks that have established cooperation with Telkomsel. Delivery''TCash besides money with cheap, too fast. Direct funds into and can be used.

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