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Stuffed Animals Shockingly Made of Firecrackers

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Stuffed Animals Shockingly Made of Firecrackers
Just when you think you've seen it all, you come across something like this. Rio, Brazil-based artist Felipe Barbosa scours local supermarkets to find his raw materials. In this case, he's taken "snaps" or firecrackers and created a collection of prickly-looking stuffed animals including a not so cuddly teddy bear.

"I don't change the nature of the object," he's said. "I want to have it as raw as possible, so that what you know about the object becomes part of the understanding of the work I create."

Stuffed Animals Shockingly Made of Firecrackers
Stuffed Animals Shockingly Made of Firecrackers
Felipe Barbosa's website

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