Reasons why you fail in your weight loss efforts

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Why am I not losing weight?

Such lines are the common enigma among those who try to shed their excess body weight.

Amidst their efforts of daily exercise and dieting, things seem not to be working out. Is there something wrong with their methods? Are they missing out something?

If you’re one of them, then you should take heed of these following factors affecting your weight loss efforts.

You eat more than your body requires

You wonder, “I jog everyday and go to the gym to workout, but the pounds in my scale is increasing. Why is it so?”

Perhaps you should take into serious consideration the amount of food you intake everyday. No matter how hard you work on a slimming program, without the aid of a proper diet, all your efforts will be in vain. Eat only what your body needs and don’t succumb to frequent binging. Count the calorie content of each food item that you take and don’t exceed the minimum calorie requirement that your body needs.

But what’s my minimum calorie requirement?

To save you the time to calculate, visit to know your minimum caloric intake.

The rule is to gradually reduce your caloric intake so that your body will not have the opportunity to store fat. Also, this will force your body to burn fat, especially during your workouts periods.

You don’t workout on a regular basis

Keep in mind this truth: Workout will only manifest its weight losing effect if you do it religiously—despite the admonitions of pain, stress and hard work. Trimming weight is no easy task, and you have to endure the hardships inherent therein. But being in the gym alone is not enough, you have to give all your efforts in all your workouts, otherwise, you’ll never see any concrete result.

You eat foods that triggers your system to gain weight

Be very meticulous of the foods you eat, for they are the number one culprit why you are not losing weight. As much as possible stay away from processed foods and fast foods; they contain high amounts of trans fats that triggers your body to store fat. It’s better to make your own meal: at least you know what goes in it.

You don’t aid yourself with supplements

While many are against supplements—contesting that they have adverse effects on our bodies—I believe that there’s no harm in trying. There are many slimming supplements out there and some of them do work. Why not try them yourself?

The rule of the thumb is that you must choose the ones that have long been in the market and have high approval ratings from those who have already used it. At least you’ll be assured of its effectiveness and quality.

You don’t have the right knowledge

The more you know about something, the better is your understanding, and with such comes the effectiveness of all your actions towards it. When you want to lose weight, you need to learn the effective methods that will put you closer to that end. Doing something without the knowledge of whether it’s effective or not will only bring frustration. Remember that knowledge is power. The more you familiarize yourself with the mechanics of losing weight, the more you will be effective in your approach, and thus success shall be on your side.

You’ve become impatient

In this fast-track age, people have become more impatient when it comes to seeing result. Everybody wants to see some changes right away without the understanding that time is a crucial element for every transformation that we aspire. Since time has a rule of its own when it comes to certain aspects that require its intervention, we get impatient and simply give up.

Try to understand that losing weight takes time. Your impatience will only make you fail.

I have become tired of my failures and so I share with you here some of what I’ve learned. I hope these advices will save you time and effort in your weight losing endeavors.

Finding it hard to even start with your goals?

Whether it’s breaking from poverty, getting your dream job, succeeding in business endeavors, losing weight, finding employment, getting a harmonious relationship, acquiring wealth and power, writing that bestselling book or any goals you want to materialize, there’s a force within you that will always inhibit you from achieving success. 99% of those who attempted with their goals fail, and the reason is their lack of knowledge about their very own participation in their failures. Our early conditioning programs us to fail but by identifying and overcoming them, success will favor your efforts. Let me help you in identifying them in my ebook below at a very low expense on your part.

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