Our Top Tracks, EPs, Singles And Albums Through 2011

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Where the heck does the time go, just when we thought we were in the middle of 2011, it suddenly puts its skates on and races towards 2012 and now we only have a short while before 2011 goes out of the door and say farewell to us all and welcomes in 2012.

So we thought we would have a little fun with an end of the year post and just bring you some little stats of our music and what has been popular, not only the tracks but the albums and EPs, so read on …

Top Remergence Albums In 2011

Now I now we haven’t released anything for a while, but it still great see that people are still enjoying our music. This list is made up of the sales of our work in 2011

  1. Wide Open Space
  2. Standing in the Shadows (Remastered)
  3. Lux Lucis Quod Vis Somnium
Top Remergence EPs/Singles In 2011
  1. Starlight EP
  2. Probably EP
  3. Attack of the Warped Groove (Remastered)
Top Streamed Remergence Tracks In 2011
  1. Starlight
  2. Open Your Eyes
  3. Starlight (Mercer Gene & Jeff Styler Mix)

So a big thank you to everyone that has supported us since we started back in 1997 and a special big thanks to all those buying our music and telling friends about it across the globe, without you our music wouldn’t be spread to the far corners of the world, we salute you

2012 A Year In The Making

Those that have followed us for a while will know that our last album was released right back in 2008 and we have been frantically working on new material, but we’ve not really had anything that we wanted to release to our fans of a quality that they are used to, yes we have pushed out some freebie tracks, but nothing as good as we would like.

So that in mind, 2012 is going to be our year of setting down on the musical grindstone and get our backsides in gear and produce a new album, that hopefully you , our fans, will enjoy as much as you have our earlier work, so until then enjoy our work so far and please don;t forget to tell people where they can get hold of our albums, EPs, Singles and Tracks.

Thanks everyone and here’s to an amazing 2012 for you all

Karen & JJ

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