OpenOffice Calc / LibreOffice Calc - How To Add A Line Return In A Cell

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Hello, I'm HowToPhil and today I'm going to show you how to add line returns to cells in OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc. Adding a line return in a cell allows you to have multiple lines of text in one cell, which can be very useful for column and row labels.

The process is fairly simple, but not necessarily something that someone would come to on their own. First make sure that the cursor (the blinking line you see here) is located in the cell you'd like to add a line return to and not in the input field at the top of the screen. Once you are sure you have the cursor in the correct location key in your first line of text, then press the ctrl key and while still holding the ctrl key press the return or enter key on your keyboard and then release both keys. This will add a new line. You can now type your next line of text in the cell. Repeat this as many times as you need lines of text in the cell. When done either hit only the enter key (without holding the ctrl key down) or click into a different cell using your mouse.

I hope this has helped you and remember - HowToPhil has the skill.

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