Naruto 490 – Madara vs Kabuto

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Naruto 490 Spoilers will be released on Monday (April 5, 2010). In the mean time, you can watch or read any Naruto 490 predictions available at My Naruto Blog. From what has been happened recently in Naruto manga chapters, what can you expect to happen next week. From my point of view, Kishi is looking for a good headliner battle to make Madara look like a real legitimate threat since all the villages see him as that and yet so far all we have seen is all talk and dodge. That is why my prediction seems a little quick with how fast each of the undead summonings was dispatched.

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by: Jeanericuser

Madara looks at the undead versions of his former akatsuki underlings and then looks at Kabuto.

Madara: “You have progressed well in learning such a technique but unlike your predecessors who were able to use it to bring back those they chose to with a full measure of life, you have done nothing more than raise the dead that should have best been left buried.”
Kabuto: “You try my patience Madara. Is it a deal or shall I kill you right now?”
Madara: “I would be a fool to accept an alliance with you. I think I shall kill you myself right here right now and display your corpse as a warning to those who would betray akatsuki.”

Madara attacks Nagato with amaterasu. Nagato explodes to pieces as the flames disentigrate his body. Deidera tosses several clay bombs that turn into spiders and run towards Madara. Madara easily dodges the spiders and vanishes into the ground.

Kabuto: “Spread out and find him! Do not let him get away!”

Madara’s head pops up and sucks up the body of sasori. Deidera sends the spiders towards Madara who quickly vanishes under the ground.

Kabuto: “Kakazu force him out of the ground. Itachi catch him in a genjutsu the second you can get him in eye contact.”

Kakazu shoots dozens of veins into the ground when suddenly Madara appears right next to Kakazu. Deidera sends the spiders which jump into the air towards Madara. Madara teleports in the body of Sasori which he uses as a shield along with kakazu to absorb the blast from the flying incoming spider bombs. Madara then sinks into the ground again as the blast clears revealing the dismembered remains of Sasori and Kakazu. Deidera creates several birds bombs that fly up high into the air and fly in circles around the area. Madara teleports behind Itachi as the last bird flies up high in the air to join the others. The birds stop flying flying and head towards Madara.

Madara thinking: “Im sorry old friend but I have no other choice.”

Madara slams his fist hard into the back of Itachi cracking his spine as Itachi attempts to turn around to face Madara. One by one the birds fly in as they barely miss Madara and explode destroying Itachi’s body. Deidera then tries to throw one last explosive clay at Madara but Madara instantly hits Deidera with amaterasu causing him to explode as his clay bomb ignites. Madara turns to face Kabuto who just stands there smiling at him.

Madara: “If your best strategy is to throw several weakened versions of my own defeated allies who’s weaknesses I know well than you are better off to accept death right now.”

Kabuto: “Actually that was just a warm up. A small taste compared to what I have at my disposal to kill you. Let’s see how you feel now about facing those whom your allies faught so hard to capture.”

Kabuto activates Edo Tensei and out of the ground appear several coffins. The coffins open to reveal the jinchuriki that had been captured in the past. Madara has a shocked look on his face as he recognizes the faces of several of the jinchuriki.

Naruto is looking over the scroll when the Elder Sage toad clears his throat.

Elder Sage Toad: “Before you consider using that scroll I must give you a warning to the final part of what I have seen in your future that also is concerning that scroll. The Fourth when he created that seal made a deal that now you must agree to break. That is why in the final part of my vision I have seen a dark figure I have known well and it is him you will have to face one day if you wish to regain the full power of the kyubi. One day you will face death and only by defeating him will you be able to gain the full power that you seek.”

Naruto: “But how can I defeat something like death?”
Elder Sage Toad thinking: “I really hope you prove the prophecy I have seen wrong naruto.”

Naruto has a terrified look on his face as we see the Elder Sage Toad flash back to an image of death with its arms outstreatched towards a fallen Naruto laying in a pool of blood.

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