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Since I have been wondering if my baby is really advance,I did some researched and end up with the Baby Center website,which gives you a lot of information about pregnancy,babies and toddlers. This is not a paid post but I would like to recommend this site to all moms out there. My baby is only 1 month and 10 days now,but she already stands with her feet and hold her head up with out support and not just for few seconds but more longer.According to the chart below those babies this age are really advance.And here's was she doe: "Standing by her feet,straight and holding her head and turns towards the Camera"

#12/366 Blogger Photo Challenge Milestone Chart 1to 6 Months

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print Child's Age Mastered Skills (most kids can do) Emerging Skills (half of kids can do) Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)1 monthLifts head when lying on tummy Responds to sound Stares at facesFollows objects briefly with eyes Vocalizes: oohs and aahsCan see black-and-white patternsSmiles, laughs Holds head at 45-degree angle2 months Follows objects across field of visionNotices his handsHolds head up for short periodsSmiles, laughs Holds head at 45-degree angleMakes smoother movementsHolds head steady Can bear weight on legsLifts head and shoulders when lying on tummy (mini-pushup)3 monthsRecognizes your face and scent Holds head steady Visually tracks moving objects Blows bubblesRecognizes your voiceDoes mini-pushupRolls over, from tummy to back Turns toward loud soundsCan bring hands together, bats at toys4 monthsSmiles, laughs Can bear weight on legsCoos when you talk to himgrasp a toy Rolls over, from tummy to backImitates sounds: "baba," "dada" Cuts first tooth May be ready for solid foods5 monthsDistinguishes between bold colors Plays with his hands and feet Turns toward new sounds Rolls over in both directions Mouths objectsSeparation anxiety may begin6 months Imitates sounds Rolls over in both directionsIs ready for solid foods Sits without supportMouths objectsPasses objects from hand to handLunges forward or starts crawling Jabbers or combines syllables Drags objects toward himself

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