Match Fee For Domestic Tournaments Increased By Pakistan Cricket Board

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Pakistan cricket Board has announced the new match fee schedule and new fee curricular for the domestic tournaments being held now a days which come under the supervision of PCB and are directly registered under PCB and ICC. This new curricular came after the successful Faisal Bank T20 cricket tournament which is being held now a days in Faisalabad.
The new fee structure is as follows:1. Inter Region Under 19 OD match 2,000 PKR2. 3 Day Match 4,000 PKR3. Quaid e Azam Trophy Grade I 12,000 PKR4. Div II 7,000 PKR5. Pentengular First Class 10,000 PKR6. OD Division 7,000 PKR7. Div II 4,000 PKR8. T20 4,000 PKRThese are the new match fees charts issued by Pakistan cricket board. But at the same time we are not able to get the required results from PCB. This can be due to many reasons but at the same time the decision which is cost efficient is always supported.Pakistan is pouring so much money in cricket but we have not been able to just control the decline we are having in the cricket arenas. We have been termed as corrupt, spot fixer, match fixer and much more. But still progress does not speak.At the same time, Pakistan hockey is showing a progress in its game, wins and character. The lost treasure is getting back to us. But we do not seem interested in it. Last day, I heard a good rumor that hockey match fee has been increased. But still could not get the exact figure.
The need of the hour is to make a transparent policy and switch back to the game which brings honor and dignity to Pakistan. Good luck Pakistan Hockey and Pakistan Cricket. Allah bless Pakistan.

Domestic infrastructure in Pakistani cricket is on a good move but at international level, something bad has happened to the whole team.

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