Is Pinterest The New Twitter

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Is Pinterest The New Twitter

When I first joined Twitter quite a few years ago I really loved it as it was a social network where you could follow people, Use twitter tools and put your tweets and Ideas in front of thousands of people. In Fact many people called twitter a party, Unfortunately after a couple of years in my opinion it became more of a concentration camp than a party. You aren’t allowed to follow or unfollow many people you can’t cross tweet anything if you have more than one account. They deleted about 300,000 followers in one morning because there where a couple of retweets across more than one account. I spend about two years building a huge following on twitter but after they did that I wouldn’t give them the time of day. On the other hand I do believe that Pinterest is the new twitter what twitter was 5 years ago it is also much more visual too. Which is pretty cool when I started using twitter many marketers used to tell me twitter is just a waste of time and I am sure many people may think the same of Pinterest though I personally believe it offers great opportunity to add another income stream to your Internet business. I made thousands of dollars selling products and services on Twitter. Before it became a concentration camp

I think most people who complain about spam either don’t know how to do it properly I.E. make it interesting different content free things etc VS just keeping on posting the same affiliate links over and over again. Or else they do not make any money so they are probably jealous of you either way I would definetely recommend being active and taking part in pinterest. I would also recommend Google Plus as well if you are not using Google Plus I reckon you are also missing out on lots of potential clients and masterminding with like minded people. So what are you waiting for no point talking about it get out there and start doing it and while you are at it. PinterestGoogle Plus and Facebook As Well

Is Pinterest The New Twitter

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