iPhone 5 Concept Design4

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Frederico Ciccarese managed to create a concept design for iPhone 5 which takes the breath of any iPhone fan. The curves, the color, the lights, the elegance. I proudly present you...
iPhone 5 Concept Design

iPhone 5 Concept Design

The iPhone 5 could be the most spectacular smartphone in the world if it would look like this concept design! iMac was also curved once, so I see good logic for going back to that. If we are to believe the iPhone 5 rumors, the phone will have a quad core processor, better camera, new OS, new Retina Display, 128GB of storage.

iPhone 5 Concept Design

The concept design of the iPhone 5 is definitely the most amazing and elegant yet appeared, and the apple light on the back made my day.

iPhone 5 Concept Design

Unfortunately, this iPhone 5 Concept Design ... is just a concept. Nothing official from Apple regarding the new iPhone 5 phone.

iPhone 5 Concept Design

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  • Looks like a sanitary napkin. Does the screen have an absorbant core?
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