Increase Dropbox space up to 5Gb Extra for Free

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File sharing and syncing services likeDropboxare awesome for sharing files with your friends and coworkers. All your important files are always with you and you can access them when necessary from any of your PCs or smart phones.

Increase Dropbox space up to 5Gb Extra for Free

Well back to the point. Dropbox has a new Beta release that allows you to sync all your photos and videos from your phone or other multimedia devices. To compensate for the used space they will increase the maximum space of your Dropbox account up to 5Gb. Meaning if you upload 500Mb of photos you will get extra 500Mb in Dropbox for free.

I have an iPhone 4 and several weeks ago I deleted all my photos 'cause they took up 8Gb of space (Damnit, too soon). So, I recorded several videos on my iPhone 4 and uploaded them to Dropbox. 13 min video weights 1.04 Gb. So if you able to calculate on 1st grade level - you need 5 vids and 65 minutes to get 5Gb in Dropbox for free.

Increase Dropbox space up to 5Gb Extra for Free

The good news is that you don't need to keep the photos and videos in the dropbox. After you get the extra space you can remove them from your sharable dropbox folders and viola you now have up to 5Gb extra free Dropbox space.

Increase Dropbox space up to 5Gb Extra for Free

Go to the Dropbox Forum tread and download the new Beta client. (Re)Install it and connect your phone. Choose import photos on your Dropbox and that's it.

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