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The smallest flaw on a pool table surface can cause quite a
bit of aggravation. There isn't anything more disappointing
to the skilled pool player than making a perfect shot and
seeing the movement of the ball be displaced by a small
tear or hole in the surface area of the cloth.

Before your friends, neighbors, or patrons begin tearing
their hair out, know that you can easily take care of this.
Patching the cloth will not work; you are going to have to
resurface the entire table! Don't worry, this is an easy,
one person job that is relatively inexpensive.

The felt cloth can be found on line, from a billiards
supply store, and even at some fabric stores. The billiard
supply stores will have championship quality felt. This
cloth is available in a variety of different colors and is
usually bought by the square yard. The billiard supply
store will be able to tell you precisely how many square
yards you should have, so you must bring your measurements
with you. Because of the drop on the sides for the bumpers
and the fact you will be stretching the cloth and attaching
under the rails, add at least 12 inches on each side of the
surface dimensions.

The next step is to remove the old cloth. This should be
fairly easy and how it is attached will depend on the table
backing. Wood backed tables use staples and slate tables
most commonly are glued.

Take off the side rails and lay your new felt completely
across the table pulling it tight lengthwise. If you are
resurfacing a wood backing begin stapling the felt under
the rails in the middle first on one side. Place a staple
about every 4 inches. When you reach a corner, stop and go
to the next corner. Stretch the felt tight and begin
stapling the opposite side. Make sure the surface is smooth.

If you have a slate backed table you will need a good spray
adhesive. Spray the adhesive on the table about five inches
from the edge of the table. Spray some more adhesive on the
underside of the cloth. Wait about a minute for the glue to
become tacky and press the felt down. Follow the same
procedure as with the staples, doing one side first and
then the opposite side.

After you have the sides finished and the table completely
covered over, use a razor blade tool to make little holes
where the rails bolt down onto the table. This will keep
the bolts from making tears that could become worse when
you tighten down the rails. Cut from the backside of the

Pull back the pocket lining which is sometimes leather for
example, and pull the felt down at the pockets and glue or
staple. Then cover with the pocket lining and reattach for
a finished job.

As it's really quite difficult to move pool tables around,
most repairs are usually made on location. When you
resurface your table yourself, you have saved several
hundred dollars over a house call.

Slate Repair.

You might find a need to make repairs to slate seams and
cracks in your pool table. A great time to do this is while
the felt is off when you are recovering the table. Billiard
beeswax is a special wax that contains resin and hardens
more than normal beeswax. This wax dries very hard and yet
has enough flexibility to move with the table. Using a
small torch, melt the wax and let it drip into the seam or
crack. Use a paint scraper or putty knife to remove any
excess wax. For larger cracks a slate patch is necessary.

I found it extremely simple to locate local businesses that
performed pool table repairs at Home Services Engine. It's
a well laid out site that's easy to navigate, making it
easy to find great local businesses. If you're searching
for a top notch local pool table supply store, go to=>

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