Hot Dutch Girls

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The 2010 World Cup of Soccer has been as free of controvers y as it has been scoring. The blaring sound of 90 minutes of horns has been drowning out the muffled cry of complains about the ridiculous number of scoreless ties.

That was until Sunday when a group of about 30 lovely ladies from the Netherlands attended the match between Holland and Denmark. During the game the orange-clad lovelies made their presence know and caught the attention not only of a bored TV a udience, but the ire of FIFA, soccer's governing body.

It turns out the girls were not so much soccer fans as they were spokes models for a Dutch beer company and their scantly-clad orange antics were a marketing ploy.But who cares? Anything to liven up the succession of 0-0 games between Uruguay and France or Portugal and the Ivory Coast.

However, for people interested in knowing more about the Hot Dutch Girls, the danger lies in typing "Hot Dutch Girls" into your Google browser while at work. There is an awful lot more of "unrelated" material that comes up with that. So Dogs & Jeans would like to suggest some other nicknames for the ladies so the world can brows for them at the office in safety:

  • The New Golden Girls
  • The Soccerfemmes
  • Dutch Treat; and my personal favorite
  • The Vuvuzelas

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