Giant Garuda Wasp Discovered in Indonesia (PHOTO)

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Giant Garuda Wasp Discovered in Indonesia (PHOTO) A new insect has been discovered in Indonesia, and it looks like something right out of a horror movie.

It seems that last year, entomologist Lynn Kimsey discovered a new species of wasp. Kimsey is a professor at the University of California at Davis.

This week, Kimsey formally published her findings on the new bug, which some are calling “the Komodo dragon of wasps” due to its enormous size and frightening appearance.

Discovered in the Mekongga Mountains on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the wasp is 2.5 inches long and more than three times larger than the average wasp.

Its jaws are so big that when it opens its mouth, its jaws are bigger than its legs. Kimsey says she’s surprised that it can even walk with proportions like that.

Kimsey has named the monstrous insect “Garuda”, the national symbol of Indonesia that is part human, part eagle, and known as the “king of birds”.

This new species of “digger wasp” is known for the way the female paralyzes other insects, buries them, and then lays eggs on top of them, providing food for her offspring.

Giant Garuda Wasp Discovered in Indonesia (PHOTO)

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