From April 1st The New Blogger Dashboard Will Become Default

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From April 1st The New Blogger Dashboard Will Become Default

When checking back i was very surprised to see it was almost a year ago since Blogger introduced the new design on Blogger In Draft.April 20th 2011 to be exact as i explained in the post The New Blogger Dashboard And Design Is Live.After a few months in draft Blogger offered the option to use the new interface on the main blogger site.While some people took up the option and have become familiar with it, many including myself have continued to use the old dashboard.On the first of April however the new design will become default and we will all be using the new GUI.Over the last week I have been trying to familiarize myself with the layout and options of the new interface and it ain't been easy. One of my main worries however is that hundreds of Blogger tutorials here on Spice Up Your Blog were wrote with instructions for the old dashboard.I have decided to edit all those posts over the next week and all future Blogger tutorials will be aimed at the new design. On their part the Blogger team are constantly tweaking the new design and a send feedback link is placed in the bottom right of the page for your suggestions.If you remember when Facebook and Twitter changed their designs users were not happy but eventually seen the advantages I think it will be the same in this case.So whats your opinion and what changes would you like to see ? Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.

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