Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the old YouSayToo?
The old YouSayToo is gone. The new YouSayToo is a community driven media platform where you, the content creator and reader, determine what is interesting, important and of value. Go to About YouSayToo to learn more
What happened to revenue sharing?
Revenue sharing on YouSayToo has been closed and All ads have been removed. We plan to work on content monetization and revenue sharing in the future, but for now it’s not a priority.
How can I write a post on the new YouSayToo?
Writing posts directly on YouSayToo is not possible at the moment. We are working on an awesome rich text editor. Hopefully, it’ll be finished soon. Stay tuned.
What are Sources?
Sources are websites which you can add to YouSayToo to import their content. Content imported from sources create Streams such as My Streams, My Friends Stream etc. Any source can be added as long as it is in English, displays whole posts in its RSS feed and its content complies with YouSayToo's Terms of Use.
Can I add any Source?
Go to your Dashboard or Manage Sources page and simply enter the URL of the source you want to add. ex:
How to claim a source?
Go to your Manage Sources page and click “claim” next to the source you want to claim. You’ll be given a meta tag which you need to put into your website’s code, into the section. After you put the meta tag, click “claim”.
Why should I claim my source?
When you claim your source, you get all the Reputation and Influence your source has accumulated. In addition, you will gain Reputation for all the votes on content imported from your claimed source.
What are Streams?
Streams are content flows that are formed by adding sources to YouSayToo. There are various Streams you can view on YouSayToo to better find content for your Spots.
What are Spots?
Spots are the cornerstone of YouSayToo which define our community driven media. By “Spotting” content you express your opinion, chose what you think is important and form your own media scene. Spots give users the power of editors
What is Reputation?
Reputation shows how popular you are in the community. When people rate your content, comments, or content that you spotted, your Reputation increases or decreases depending on how they rated your content. The more upvotes you get, the greater Reputation you will have.
What is Influence?
Influence shows how much you can affect the community. Most actions on YouSayToo either cost or boost your Influence. Sharing content on Twitter and Facebook will boost your Influence and actions like rating and spotting content cost Influence. Your Reputation determines your maximum Influence.