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We have a little property in Communal, Cabantian here in Davao City, and one of these days my kingdom will soon rise in that little space, hahahaha! But while I’m still dreaming of where to source the resources to fund my empire might as well explore other places unimagined, some 5-minute ride from my place.

Davao City has something new to offer again, D’ Leonor Hotel Inland Resort, Waterpark and Wavepool, its located in Barangay Communal, Cabantian here, just a 15-minute ride from downtown Davao and a 10-minute ride from the airport. This inland resort lies on a vast mountainous terrains, they have a wavepool and a raging river but still under construction and would be fully operational by June of this year.

The entrance arch of the resort, the blue cordoned area there is where the hotel soon will rise, its still under construction.

They have a chapel perfect for weddings, just across this chapel is a gym and cottages you can stay-on.

This is the picnic area, on a perfect cloudless day you see the whole range of Mt.Apo from here.

and the ever famous string ride, which Davao City popularized of course, a 460m zip line, there'll be cable cars that will be installed around here sometime soon, the tour guide said.

The resort cottage

the comfort inside, with one bedroom and a T/B

and a breathtaking site going down to the chapel.

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  • I think this place is intended for people who has the leisure of spending money. Not a very local friendly resort, so to say. But then their attractions are very nice. They have this surf pool (not yet functioning) which is so cool. The place is huge. If you have a family of 5, I think a budget of more or less 8,000 will do.
    by you over 3 years ago
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  • how much is the roomrate in two bed in 1 room?for a 2 days stay?
    by you over 3 years ago
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  • nyc kauu.. nakasulod naq dre.. duol lang mn samua hehehe mas advantage para saq hehehhe..
    by you over 3 years ago
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  • beautiful good dira pero ang wavepool lang kay dali ang ang wave..
    by you over 3 years ago
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