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For readers who need to high school or simply searching for information regarding faculties in America. it should additionally, if just about a dream faculty in America, here I gift an inventory of fifty famous universities there.
For additional data will contact the yank Embassy in Jakarta www.usembassyjakarta.org/ or U.S. Department of Education in www.educationusa.state.gov/

List of famous University in America:
Boston Colledge: www.bc.edu/
Brandeis University: www.brandeis.edu/
Brown University: www.brown.edu/
California Institute of Technology: www.caltech.edu/
Carnegie Melton University: www.cmu.edu/
Case Western Reserve University: www.cwru.edu/
College of William & Mary: www.wm.edu/
Columbia University: www.columbia.edu/
Cornell University: www.cornell.edu/
Dartmouth Colledge: www.dartmouth.edu/
Duke University: www.dartmouth.edu/
Emory University: www.emory.edu/
Georgetown University: www.georgetown.edu/
Georgia Institutre of Technology: www.gatech.edu/
Harvard University: www.colledge.harvard.edu/
Johns Hopkins University: www.jhu.edu/
Lehigh University: www.lehigh.edu/
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: www.mit.edu/
New York University: www.nyu.edu/
Northwestern University: www.northwestern.edu/
Pensyvania State University: www.psu.edu/
Pepperdine University: www.pepperdine.edu/
Princeton University: www.princeton.edu/
Rensselaer Politechnic Institute: www.rpi.edu/
Rice University: www.rice.edu/
Stanford University: www.stanford.edu/
Tufts University: www.tufts.edu/
Tulane University: www.tulane.edu/
University Of Berkeley: www.berkeley.edu/
University Of Davis: www.davis.edu/
University Of Irvine: www.irvine.edu/
University Of Los Angeles: www.ucla.edu/
University Of San Diego: www.ucsd.edu/
University Of Santa Barbara: www.ucsb.edu/
University Of Chicago: www.uchcago.edu/
University Of Illinois-Urbana Campaign: www.uiuc.edu/
University Of Michgan - Ann Arbor: www.umich.edu/
University Of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: www.unc.edu/
University Of Notredame: www.nd.edu/
University Of Pennsylvania: www.upenn.edu/
University Of Rochester: www.rochester.edu/
University Of Southern California: www.usc.edu/
University Of Texas - Austin: www.utexas.edu/
University Of Virginia: www.virginia.edu/
University Of Washington: www.washington.edu/
University Of Wisconsin - Madison: www. wisc.edu /
Vanderbilt University: www.vanderbilt.edu/
Wake Forest University: www.wfu.edu/
Washington University in St. Louia: www.umsl.edu/
Yale University: www.yale.edu/admit/
Yeshiva University: www.yu.edu/

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