Brief Introdution of Arun Khola

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Brief Introdution of Arun Khola

Brief Introdution of Arun Khola

Arun Khola is the part of the Naya Belhani Village Development Commeette (VDC) Ward No. 8 of Nawalparasi District of Western Nepal, is also known as by the name of, Arung Khola and other by Bhagra (Old fashioned Name).

Geographically it belongs to the Bhitri Madhesh area of the Nawalparasi District, sorrounded by Jungles and linking to the Mahendra Highway, 197 Km west of the Capital Kathmandu. It covers the quite small area of the Naya Belhani Village Development Commeettee about 10 km², but it is densely populated, around 4,000 people now lives here. Despite being small in area it has become the main commercial center for its neighbouring VDCs.

Economically,It depends on Agriculture and Foreign Remmitance, though significant numbers of people are aslo engaged in their own business. Despite all these, Remmitance has played the vital role for its economic development than others.

As far as public infrastructure are concerned, it has direct link with the East-West National highway, it has five schools and one College. Out of five schools three are run by the private sector, which provides education upto secondary level and only one school owned by the Government are providing Higher Secondary Level Education.It has also facilities of Electricity, drinking water.Telephone/Mobile Phone and similarly email and internet has become common nowadays.

And now it has a financial institution, which was very much needed here. Gaidakot Development Bank has opened its' branch office recently here in Arunkhola. We also have to facilities of Ambulance here, the Family Planning Association of Nepal, Nawalparasi Branch based on here is now providing the facility of Ambulance to the needy peoples on the reasonable prices.

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