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Pretty Asian preteen models can go a long way if they re-position their professional profile and re-align their modeling accomplishments and preparedness. They need to approach the modeling career in resonance with the emerging global perspective. At the same time, the Asian preteen models need be groomed in tune with the peculiarities of the Asian region in particular.
Needs of the Asian MarketAsian preteen models and their parents or guardians and mentors need to realize the peculiarities of the Asian market in which they are to emerge successful. Currently and expectedly in the 21st century all along, the international focus is and bound to be in the Asian region. As the growth paradigm has shifted to the Asian region, Asian preteen models have abundant opportunities as never before. Here, all the mega multinational brands have let loose a promotional blitzkrieg to grab a greater share of the pie than otherwise legitimately entitled to.A Hybrid of Regionalism and InternationalismRealizing the need of the hour and the demands of the clients and the peculiarities of the marketing matrix, the Asian preteen models need be aligned with the requirements of the international market. They need be groomed in consonance with the parameters of the international market. At the same time, the regional peculiarities – cultural and otherwise – need be sustained in a level appreciable to the Asian consumer segments.

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