Album Radar: Slidecamp - S/T (Glass Air Records)

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Slidecamp is the collaborative effort of Boreta (1/3 of The Glitch Mob) and a San Francisco based artist known as Comma, resulting in a sound that sounds absolutely nothing like either artist on their own.

Their self titled first album is pensive and nomadic, giving a sensation of gathering your thoughts while first waking up, with glitch-drum memories floating in and out.

I say nomadic not just because it's detailed in the press kit how the two recorded each song in a different location across the Pacific Northwest, but because that's really what this album sounds like - a collection of tunes, one never sounding quite like the other. Which is nice, because when it comes to ambience there are far too many artists who pump out 2-hour long drones and lose focus on flow.

Geometer by Slidecamp

Some of their tunes draw comparisons to -gasp- the legendary Boards of Canada, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because you're in the same vein, bad because it's tough to top BoC in any regard. Slidecamp achieves brownie points for not trying to flat out copy BoC, which quite a few ambient artists are fairly guilty of.

This is definitely headphone music. If you listen to this while distracted or on an open system, you'll miss out on most of the subtle sounds and panning, and this album will fall flat for you.

While not completely blown away, this is still a very solid album, especially towards the end, with my favorite track being #6, "Realmsweeper".

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