YouSayToo is a community driven media platform where you, the content creator and reader, determine what is interesting, important and of value. You now have the editorial power. It is your voice that counts in both adding your content to YouSayToo and rating the content of others.

Spots are places where content creators and everyday readers gather to spotlight content they care about, express opinions and form their own media scene. You can create and join Spots about topics you are inspired by and contribute your voice and content to create a media scene for yourself.

With YouSayToo, creators of all types and readers with infinite interests will now have a tool with which they can express their ideas and opinions to a wider audience, find like-minded people and form their own media scene.

Exploring Spots is an adventure in itself. You never know what amazing things you are going to find! So take a look around and discover everything YouSayToo has to offer.