2012 Dirt 100: Cane Creek Double Barrel

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2012 Dirt 100: Cane Creek Double Barrel There are barely enough superlatives out there to do this shock justice. It controls a bike so well that if you stick one on a trail bike you end up with suspension that can out perform many a DH bike. With a huge range of independent adjustments to hand this shock is also one of the best ways to tame a quirky suspension design. Basically it has the ability to flatter a poor design. That’s not to say it works great with every design though because over the years we have had a few bad matches, but on the whole it’s very accommodating. Don’t think about getting one of these shocks though if you’re not willing to spend time getting it dialled, because it will take time to get the most out of it. We think the rewards are more than worth it. We should also mention the new air version of this shock because from the testing we have done on pre– production versions it’s an exciting development to say the least. Maybe next year you’ll see it here too… Price: £500.00www.canecreek.com RSS Feed from Dirt Magazine

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