Follow and Share Your Passions

At YouSayToo, you and passionate peers become curators — enthusiastic experts sharing compelling content related to your interest.


Explore Spots by your Passions

Collectively curate Spots based on shared interest. Users connect Spots to feeds from favorite blogs, as well as from video and photo-sharing sites to post best-of content.


Enjoy Curating with Friends

Invite like-minded cohorts to co-curate in Spots you've created or joined.


Participate in Spots CurateD by passionate experts

When multiple enthusiasts come together in one Spot to share favorite content, the result is a wealth of relevant information and entertainment, readable in full on YouSayToo.

YouSayToo benefits

  • Benefits_1

    Read favorite blogs in one place

    Connect favorite blogs to YouSayToo as “Publishers.” Follow and read blogs in one convenient location, then add favorite articles to relevant Spots.
  • Benefits_2

    Curate with Friends

    Invite friends who share your passion to your Spots and curate them together.
  • Benefits_3

    Follow and explore your passions

    Passionate experts come together in Spots to form "best-of" information and entertainment hubs, navigating readers through the vast ocean of content.
  • Benefits_4

    Add blogs to YouSayToo

    Any sites with Full RSS feeds (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc) can be added as Publishers.
  • Benefits_5

    YouTube and Vimeo support

    Connect favorite YouTube and Vimeo users, channels and groups' feeds.
  • Benefits_6

    Spotlight favorite photos

    Add your favorite Flickr users and groups to supplement your Spots with photo content.

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